What is user experience?

You've probably came across the term 'user experience' before as it is often used, especially in the technology industry, but do you know what it exactly means?

It is the overall experience a person is having whilst using a product like a phone, a website or even a microwave and includes feelings and emotions that occur and the general attitude towards this product.

The term 'user experience' holds a vast variety of different areas that all need to be considered when creating a new product like a website.

One of them is usability. It is actually a known myth that usability is the same as user experience. Truth is, that usability is an important part of it, but it isn't user experience in itself. Usability simply means, if you are able to achieve a goal with a certain product, but being able to achieve something can't explain how a person feels whilst doing it.

Another aspect of user experience is efficiency. Staying with the example of a website, the available content needs to be useful and exactly what the client is looking for. Therefore the website should be concise and to the point with an intuitive menu and a search bar which makes it easy to navigate. You should always ask yourself if what you are offering is relevant to your target audience.

User experience also includes trust as if there isn't any, potential users won't use your product in the first place. You probably wouldn't share your card details with a website that is marked as not secure, would you?

Lastly, it is important that the visitor is enjoying the experience of your website in order to come back. It doesn't matter how functional or useful the product might be, if a customer doesn't get everything he or she expected, it won't be easy to persuade him or her to try again. This is why a good customer experience can be quite difficult to achieve, but WebTech - Solutions is there to help you.

All of these areas and more work together to create a pleasing and positive customer experience, which will leave a good impression on your potential and actual clients.

Now you may ask the question what you need to do exactly to create a good user experience, but unfortunately there is no single definition of a good user experience as it always needs to meet particular needs in the specific context of the product.

An example of good user experience is when you are using a website and you find exactly the information you need in the right format and at the right time in an aesthetically pleasing way. You would visit this website again if you need further information, wouldn't you?

It is essential that companies invest in user experience in order to stay competitive, as one of their main goals is to attract as many viewers and users to their product or - more specific - their website as possible and user experience has a vast impact on that. People need to be impressed with the product in order to return.

A website which is pleasing its users through providing meaningful and relevant experiences will see benefits in form of a bigger audience and more traffic.

Value that is provided by the product and its performance will lead to the greatest satisfaction of a customer due to their positive feelings and thoughts about the product. It is necessary to have happy customers as they are the ones that will come back to you and leave good recommendations about your business.

User experience is very important to WebTech - Solutions and is one of the reasons why we update all of our websites frequently as we want everybody who is visiting what we have created to have the best experience possible. It takes a lot of work and many changes to achieve the desired function that pleases your target audience, but it will pay off in the end.

WebTech - Solutions considers the WHY – Why would clients want to use your website? -, WHAT – its functionality and features - and HOW – the design and accessibility - of your website in order to achieve a good and meaningful users experience.

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